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The Essence of Libety

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Liberty knows no compromise

Introduction and Table of Contents for the Essence of Liberty

by Dr Jimmy T (Gunny) LaBaume

In memory of Mrs. Ida Kittrel, my very much "old school" high school senior English teacher. Mrs. Kittrel taught me what I have found to be the most valuable and useful skill I possess--how to outline a book and capture its essence. I have never since read without pencil in hand. Anyone who can do that can teach themselves anything up to and including brain surgery (I might have a problem with the lab).

This is the way I taught myself libertarian political philosophy and Austrian economic theory. And, in so doing, I accumulated a file drawer full of notes. I decided to put that work to good use and this is it.

THE ESSENCE OF LIBERTY is a series of condensed versions (Cliff Notes, if you will) of some of the classical as well as modern works in the science of liberty. It is intended to provide an introduction and sound basic foundation in the fundamentals of a discipline that integrates sound, free market principles of economics with a property rights-natural law based ethic into a single whole—a truly universal philosophy of political economy applicable to all men at all times and in all places. This is an ongoing project. Check back often.

My initial objective was to capture the essence of the work in as few words as possible and in a language understandable by the reasonably intelligent person without formal education in political science or economics. Hopefully, in the process, this will whet the appetite for the original and more.

My ultimate objective is to make these logically based, common sense ideas available to a wider audience and, thereby, make a small contribution to our daunting struggle for liberty. If I have succeeded, that would be my only small claim to originality because the ideas are from the minds and the pens of the origina authors. The errors and misiterpretations are mine.

Table of Contents

  Study Guide for The Ethics of Liberty by Murray N. Rothbard



Study Guide for For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto by Murray N. Rothbard

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